Interior Decor Ideas from your Southtown Apartments

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How would you describe your style? Whether you’re a minimalist or you prefer a more bohemian look, we want to help you achieve your ideal interior decor at your Southtown apartments. Our floor plans are designed to offer luxurious comfort while still leaving room for residents to create their own style. With open kitchens, airy living rooms and cozy bedrooms, it’s easy to make your place your own.


Styling an apartment can be hard if you’ve just moved here from a home, however, so we thought we’d share some tips. In our humble opinion, apartment style should be all about pairing form with function. Your apartment should be beautiful, but it should also offer convenience and comfort. Style is great, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t feel comfortable in your home home


When it comes to apartment furniture, scale is super important. When investing in new furniture, be sure to buy furniture that can serve multiple purposes no matter where you end up moving. If you’re considering a gigantic couch, consider how big your other furniture will have to be in order to keep the scale. We’ve got tips like this and more in this week’s blog, so read the list below to find out how you can beautify your apartment!


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Use Soft Hues


Brighter, softer colors are always better. The more you have, the better your apartment will look. It can be tempting to create a dark, cozy space with dark colors, but that kind of decor will only end up making your space seem smaller than it actually is. If you want to open things up, start by brightening things up!


Find Metallic Pieces


The more reflective surfaces your space has, the brighter it will be. Brightness is one of the keys to making your apartment seem cleaner and more open, so try to add metallics and mirrors wherever you can. Metallics come in all shapes and sizes, from lampshades to wall-hangings and more. Check out your local Goodwill and see if you can’t find some vintage metallic pieces to add to your home!


Go Airy


If you’re trying to make your apartment seem more spacious, try adding glass. There are tons of glass coffee tables and entertainment centers out there, and they’ll make your space seem more open than it would if you used wood. Another way to create openness is to choose airy pieces that have thin legs and open bases. Keep this in mind next time you’re shopping for night stands, end tables and coffee tables!


Those are all the apartment decorating tips we’ve got for you this week, residents! As always, we greatly appreciate those of you that have taken some time out of your day to hang out with us here on the Southtown Flats blog page. If we’ve done our job, you should be enjoying a beautified apartment in no time!

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