Day Trips from your Downtown San Antonio Apartments

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Now that the holidays are over, you might actually have a weekend to yourself. What you do with that weekend is up to you, but we highly recommend spending it away from our apartments in downtown San Antonio. Don’t get us wrong — we love having you here. It’s just that we recognize the importance of getting out and about now that the holiday season is over. You’ve been inside long enough – it’s time to stretch those legs and explore an amazing day trip destination in the area around San Antonio.


Whether you go to The Hill Country or elsewhere in Texas, it isn’t hard to find a unique day trip experience. We love day trips because they’re affordable, adventurous and easy. If you check out one of the destinations on the list below, we think you’ll love your day trip too!


Without further delay, let’s get right to our two day trip destinations! Oh, and when you finish reading through the post below, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends. Better yet, go ahead and send this link to someone else living in Southtown Flats — the apartments downtown San Antonio residents choose for contemporary comfort and style.


USS Lexington


If you’re willing to travel down to Corpus Christi, you can experience the intimidating, majestic mammoth of a ship that is the USS Lexington. This aircraft carrier sits in the Gulf of Mexico, where it’s mostly used as a museum for interested tourists. Be sure to head to the top deck with your camera and snap pics of the gorgeous views of the Gulf! After that, grab a bite at the cute little cafe that’s actually located on the aircraft carrier itself.


Gorman Falls


Texas isn’t exactly known for its waterfalls, which is why we think it's so cool that Gorman Falls is located just a few hours from San Antonio. All you have to do is drive about an hour and a half north of Austin, and you’ll find a huge waterfall that’s broken up into dozens of different streams. You will have to hike for about 45-minutes if you want to get to the grotto where the falls are, but the hike is definitely worth it!


Those are all the day trips we’ve got to share with you this week, residents! As always, we greatly appreciate those of you who have been coming back week after week to read all the latest brand new blogs from Southtown Flats. If you liked this week’s post, be sure to check back in February when our next post goes up on the site! In the meantime, be sure to visit one of these awesome day trip destinations next time you feel like getting out of town. We love when residents put our blogs to good use, so we encourage you to snap some pics of your mini vacation and share them with us on social media!

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