Boost Your Happiness While Living in Apartments In Downtown San Antonio

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While life at apartments in downtown San Antonio can be pretty fabulous, it is really important to check in and get a pulse on your mental health. Balancing school, jobs, and a social life can be exhausting and sometimes it can be easy to forget about yourself.


At Southtown Flats we want you to be living your best life. That’s why we came up with this list of three ways to boost your happiness. After reading through the blog all you will need to do is block out some you time to restore your wellness and happiness.


Now, take a deep breath and read on. When you’re done with this week’s post, please feel free to share this post with your friends and neighbors at Southtown Flats — the downtown San Antonio apartments residents choose for luxury living.




Meditation is a fantastic way to mentally reset and escape everything else going on in your life. As we spend more time in front of screens it is becoming more and more important to take a step back and regroup. By clearing your head you’ll be ready to tackle whatever comes next.


One of the best things about meditation is that it does not require a lot of time and can easily be added into your evening routine, or even lunch break on a stressful day. Apps like Headspace offer guided sessions to give you the quiet moments you need to clear your head. You’ll be amazed at how you’ll feel after just 10 minutes of meditation.




It can take a lot of mental strength to get out and exercise. Finding a time that works or motivation are easy excuses to avoid hitting the gym. But the reward is always well worth it. Exercising releases endorphins that emit positive feelings and are a great mood booster.


At Southtown Flats, we try and make it as enjoyable and accessible as possible with our wellness center. Not into the gym? Living in downtown San Antonio apartments gives you access to a number of popular running routes. Taking 30 minutes to run or exercise will help you refocus and escape reality for a bit.


Rediscover A Passion


Did you have a favorite activity growing up? As we get older it’s common to forget about hobbies and activities we loved as kids. Think back about the things that you used to enjoy and see if it is something you can rediscover your passion for.


Picking up an instrument, dance, or art again will bring back joy you may not have realized was missing. Apartments in downtown San Antonio are also close to many intramural sports leagues, which are great for meeting new friends and finding an old spark of joy.


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